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Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst Superking B-172 Booster World Spriggan Unite' 2B

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SKU: TT-B-172

World Spriggan!!!! Dual spin ability (left or right rotation) with flipping the World Ring! All about the balance. Really looking forward to seeing this amazing Bey in action! Hopefully a Meta changer!!!

Spriggan SuperKing Chip. World Ring/Layer. 2B Chassis. Unite' Driver.

Customer Reviews

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Debra Demme
Beyblade purchases

This is my second order from Four Gaming, and I am very happy with their service!
I will definitely purchase from them again!!

Eddie Brown
Best Bey We own

Bought this bey the day it came out and I must say this bey has not disappointed. It’s the strongest bey we own and that includes brave valkyrie, rage Longinus, and super Hyperion. If you have world spriggan spinning the opposite direction of its opponent then yes it’s not super op and will lose some but if you have it spin the same direction it is unbeatable. We call it the spin killer cuz I’ve watched beys spinning at full speed just die in 2 seconds. Once again four-gaming is the best and only place to buy beyblades for me. Thanks four-gaming!!!

Thank you so much! We're happy you enjoy World Spriggan! If we are ever in your neck of the woods we will try to host a tournament to see some of your World Spriggan skills :).

K Armstrong
World Spriggan is the best.

I like World Spriggan because its the best Beyblade.

Thank you! We think it is pretty cool also :)

Anthony Flores
Awesome bey

The bey is awesome, he is the best bey we have now thanks to you

Thank you! This is what we are here for, very glad we could help you out in your TT collection!


I was surprised when I opened the box and I got the rare chassis world spriggan. This one will go in my collection. Thank you!

Oh we made a mistake can you send that back...just kidding :). Thank you for the review and we hope you enjoy the Bey!