Team Blader Format

Team Blader Format: Team Blader Format!!! The same as the Anime 😊. At least 4 teams will be needed to receive ranked points. These events will be ranked within the team ranking structure. At least 4 teams will be needed to receive ranked points. Bladers will be grouped into teams or they can choose their own team. Teams will be constructed of 2-3 Bladers dependent on the number of participants at the tournament  (exceptions are made in certain situations. Please read the end of this section for details). Teams will battle in either Swiss format or Round Robin brackets. 
When a match begins both teams will approach the Beystadium with exactly one Beyblade Combo from each member of the team. Players backs should be positioned toward the Beystadium as to conceal their combos from their opponents. Repeating parts are  not allowed within the teams combos.  Judges will review and confirm each combo on both teams. 
Once combos are confirmed both teams will turn toward the Beystadium and reveal their combos to the opposing team. Both teams can review their opponents combos. Once combos are reviewed both teams will step away from the Beystadium, backs toward the stadium, and discuss amongst themselves which Blader from their team will battle first. Teams will have 60 seconds to make a decision. Once a decision is made a member from each team should announce "Ready" to the judge, with their backs remaining towards the Beystadium.
The judge will then confirm both teams are ready and instruct the first team member chosen to battle to raise their hand. Once both teams chosen Blader has their hands raised the judge will instruct the teams to turn around and the chosen Bladers to approach the Beystadium.
The first match will commence with the winner reaching 3 points first. Once a winner is chosen teams can once again congregate and turn away from the Beystadium to choose their second challenger, in the same process they chose their first unless they are the only remaining Blader on the team. 60 seconds will be allotted to make a decision. 
Each Blader on a team has to battle at least once before any of their teammates can battle twice or consecutively. Each Bladers match win is considered 1 point for their team. The first team to 3 points wins the round.

Team Blader Format Rules:

*Matches/Rounds begin once the judge confirms your combos.*

*A round is the entirety of the teams battle to declare a team win. A match is  the single battle between a team member*.

1. No repeating parts within your team combos.

2. Layer rotation change is allowed once per round.

3. Layer mode change is allowed once per match.

4. Beyblade reconfiguration is allowed once per match. 

5. Driver mode change is allowed unlimited times per round.

6. Players can only choose 1 Beyblade combo to use per Round. Players can switch to a different Beyblade combo between rounds/facing a different team.

7. If 2 draws are established consecutively within the same match then the match will be declared a draw. Both bladers will return to their teams and determine who will battle next in accordance with Team Blader Format.

8. If a Beyblade or part is broken in battle then the player will have the option to replace the broken part with the same item. If unable to replace the part then they will lose the match. If both bladers parts break at the same time then the match will be declared a Draw regardless if parts are able to be replaced or not.

*All teams will be made equal in number but we know sometimes that may not work out. So in the event a team has to have an extra (possible 4th) player, then one player will have to sit out for each round. The same player will not sit out for consecutive rounds. Each player on a team must be allowed to play in the tournament. Lets be fun, fair and enjoy our time. If a dispute occurs or unfairness happens please bring it to the tournament host attention.*