Single Blader Format


Single Blader Format is a straight forward Beyblade format to bring out the best Bladers and their best combos. This format will be used for all FGC ranked events. This will also be the format used for seasonal finals main event! Battles will be conducted in either Swiss or Round Robin brackets. At least 8 participants will be needed to receive ranked points.

*This format does not have a point based system for wins. The objective is for each player to showcase their skills with their best Beyblade combos, hopefully pushing them to victory.*


Single Blader Format Pre-Finals: 

*Note: The Drift driver/performance tip is prohibited on dual spin layers in Pre-Finals stage*

In pre-finals each contestant will have 3 Beyblade combos with no repeating parts. They will approach the stadium with their Beyblades concealed from their opponent, or they can choose to construct their combos at the stadium. Both players back should be turned towards the stadium before the match begins, as to not reveal their respective combos to their opponent.

The judge will inspect each players combos for authenticity and correct structure (no repeating parts). 

When the judge has confirmed both bladers combos they will instruct the bladers to turn around and reveal their combos to their opponent. Bladers can review their opponents combo to gain tactical knowledge. 

After both bladers have reviewed their opponents combo they will once again turn their backs to the stadium with their respective combos in hand. Both bladers lay their Beyblades in order of 1, 2 and 3. The order should be outlined to the judge in which beyblade you will battle 1st, 2nd and third. 

Once both players combos are placed into order the judge will instruct the bladers to turn around once again. 

Bladers will battle their first match. The winner will stay with their winning combo but the loser will move onto their next combo. The Blader that defeats all of their opponents combos first wins.


Single Blader Format Finals: To put it simply, finals will be conducted in the same manner that Pre-Finals will be. The only difference is that the contestants will have 5 beyblade combos instead of 3. 


Single Blader Format Rules:

*Matches/Rounds begin once the judge confirms your combos.*

1. No repeating parts within your combos.

2. Layer rotation change is allowed once during the entirety of your match/round. 

3. Layer mode change is allowed unlimited times during the entirety of your match/round.

4. Beyblade reconfiguration is allowed unlimited times during the entirety of your match/round.

5. Driver mode change is allowed unlimited times during the entirety of your match/round.

6. The use of the Drift driver on dual spin layers is prohibited in Pre-Finals.