Operation: Find the Worlds Best Blader!

Operation Find The Worlds Best Blader! 
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*This promotion will run as long as we are able to maintain it 😎*
Read on to find out how you can receive a $30 Gift Card for hosting your own Beyblade Tournament!
Whether you are an old school Beyblade fan with the likes of Tyson, Kai, Ray Son or just began your journey with the new age of Valt, Shu & Lui, then you would fully understand the JOURNEY OF BECOMING THE WORLDS BEST BLADER!
The anime is one thing but there are amazing skilled bladers in every corner of our real world! It could be your neighbor, sport coach, mom/dad or even...you! The only way to find out is to get out there and start your journey of Beyblade battling to test your skills and reach out to your local community to see who else wants to join in on the fun! 
We are commencing "Operation: Find The Worlds Best Blader!" to help promote Beyblade Tournaments worldwide. There are two things that can be really tough when putting together your own tournament and they are "organizing the event" & "prizes".
Read the following or check out this video for organizing your event. There are several methods and locations to host a tournament. You can have it at a park, recreation center, school gym, gaming venue, or get a group of friends together and host at your home or backyard. The possibilities are endless. We have our own style of Four-Gaming tournaments but we also recommend the World Beyblade Organization when it comes to organizing an event. It's a decent way to help promote your event and talk with bladers in your area to get an epic tournament started :). You have to put a bit of work in to become an organizer but it's worth it in the end. Always feel free to reach out to us via email with any questions or concerns with getting your event together. We can always help to promote your event on our site and social media platforms to increase participation. 
The second tough thing when it comes to tournaments are prizes. We know they can be expensive so we want to help you out :). We are giving $30 gift cards to all 1st place winners of the tournaments you are hosting. It can be WBO format, FGC format, or a format that you and/or friends created. All organizers hosting an FGC tournament will also receive a $10 gift card for themselves.
The rules to apply for the prize gift cards are;
1. You must have at least 8 competing participants in your tournament.
2. Create a Challonge account to display and run your tournament. (We can help you with this 😎).
3. If not using WBO or FGC rules you must send us a link or email detailing the format you will be using.
4. If not using WBO or FGC format you must send us a photo of the tournament taking place to verify that the event took place.
5.  Contact us via email to verify eligibility.
6. If you are under the age of 18 you must have your parents or guardians reach out to us and verify eligibility as well. 
We hope this all helps in some way and we can all continue to grow in the Beyblade life and community. Getting out there and promoting this amazing sport will help us to find the BEST BLADER IN THE WORLD while we are Living What We Enjoy 😊! 
*This is solely an effort by Four-Gaming, non-affiliated with any partners*