FGC Tournament Rankings


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Rank Structure

The rank structure is a point based system for all competitive FGC Beybladers. Our rank system is split between Single and Team Blader competitions. (At least 8 participants or 4 teams, are needed to compete in a tournament to receive ranked points.)

Within Single Blader Format you can gain points for winning a battle and you lose points with every loss.  Every Blader receives a base of 1000 points. Bladers will not drop below the 1000 point base. 


Single Blader Rank


Tier Levels


Novice Blader: 1000-1099pts        Veteran Blader: 1100-1999pts

Points gained for Novice and Veteran Tier Blader wins:
+150 points 
Point lost for Novice and Veteran Tier Blader losses:
-50 points



Pro-Blader: 2000-3249pts  Elite Pro-Blader: 3250-4999pts

Points gained for Pro and Elite Pro Tier Blader wins:
+100 points
Points lost for Pro and Elite Pro Tier Blader losses:
-80 points


Legendary Blader: 5000+pts

Points gained for Legendary Tier Blader wins:
+200 points
Points lost for Legendary Tier Blader losses:
-150 points




*Rewards issued the first time rank is achieved*


Rewards will be updated as the The Circuit commences.  


Team Blader Ranking Structure:

To Be Announced...