Four-Gaming Tournament Guide & Rules



Tournament Details

Tournaments will be single elimination or modified round robin. The tournament will be split into 2 phases. The 1st phase is the Initial Stage, where all participants will battle in single elimination or modified round robin. The top contestants will continue on the the 2nd phase which is the Finals Stage. In this phase all participants will battle in single elimination. This will continue until the tournament winner is chosen. The winner will receive the first place prize and hold the FG Beyblade Champion title...until our next go around :).



1. We are here to have FUN! Please don't stress the rules or game play too much. If you want to know any rule, it's to HAVE FUN! If anything is going horribly wrong we will let you know, so no worries. Competition is cool and exciting but if you're stressing more about the rules and regulations, are you really having fun? :) So just come out and enjoy yourself, we will take care of the rest!

2. Only official Takara Tomy & Hasbro Beyblade Burst and Launchers are able to compete. Systems before the Burst Generation can not compete. (if you don't have a burst Bey or the correct brand and still want to compete it's ok, we will work with you).

3. Launches into the Bey Stadium must be made directly after the contestant hears Rip, after the phrase "3, 2, 1 Let it Rip!" Do not stall, do not launch early.

4. Launches must be made no higher than 6 inches above the opening of the stadium. *Also you are not allowed to obstruct your opponents launch in any way*.

5. Relaunches can only be established if a poor launch is obvious from the judge, the Beyblade falls of the Launcher unexpectedly or a Beyblade falls out of the stadium without contacting the opposing Beyblade. 

6. No arguing or aggressive disputes with the judge. We do our best :) Feel free to ask questions, but the judge has the overall say on the outcome of battle.

7. Stay cool. Maintain sportsman like conduct. We are a family and would like a family atmosphere. Win or Lose, do so with dignity and respect.



How To Play

Two players equip their launchers onto their Beyblades. They will place the launchers above the Bey Stadium opening. The judge will ask both participants if they are ready. Once they both say yes, the judge replies ok and then says "3, 2, 1 Let it Rip!". Both players will launch simultaneously. 

Players are allowed to review their opponents combo before each match. This is optional. Overall the judge/organizer will ensure every players combo are legit and legal.

In the Initial Stage each player is only allowed 1 Beyblade/combo to compete. In the Finals Stage, players are allowed up to 3 Beyblades/combos to compete.  These 3 combos will be referred to as your Beyblade Deck. Repeating parts are allowed. 

In the Finals Stage each player will register their deck with the judge/organizer. You can have up to 3 different combos but it is not mandatory to have a full deck of 3 combos. You can have 2 combos or just 1. It is your own preference. Players are allowed to rotate through there deck/change to a different combo in the finals only if they lose a battle. For instance, the player who lost in a battle has the choice to switch to a different combo in there deck to counter their opponents Bey. The winner is not allowed to switch. 

Changing Beyblade Rotation or Switching Modes

In the Initial phase, changing Beyblade rotation or modes is prohibited. However, changing rotation or modes of a combo in the Finals Stage is allowed. Changing the rotation or mode will be considered a "different combo". You are only allowed 3 combos so if you have a deck of 3 different Beyblade combos you can not switch the modes of any. Pretty much any alteration of your original combo will be considered a different combo, and you are allowed 3 different combos in total for the final stage. 


Battle Definition: A single battle to determine the winning Beyblade.

Round/Match Definition: A set of battles to determine the winning player by gaining 3 or 5 points. 

Combo Definition: Any assortment of Beyblade Layer, Disc & Driver...and/or Chip/Ring/etc.


How To Win

Stamina Finish: Your Beyblade spins longer than your opponents, gain 1 point.

Ring Out: You knock your opponents Beyblade completely out of the Bey Stadium to were it can no longer battle, gain 1 point. If your opponents Beyblade falls out of the stadium without contacting the other Beyblade then a relaunch will be established.

Burst Finish: You burst your opponents Beyblade to were it disassembles via Chip, Layer, Driver, etc., gain 2 points

In the event that a Bey is knocked out of the Bey Stadium but the Bey remaining in the Bey Stadium is Burst. The knocked out Bey will win that Round. *The Burst had to occur before the opposing Bey was knocked out*.

In the Initial stage rounds are won by gaining 3 points against your opponent. In the Finals Stage battles are won by gaining 5 points against your opponent. 


*If anything occurs during a battle outside of the rules or guidelines, the judge will make an educated decision for the result of the battle.*


Please contact us for any further questions or details.