FGC Rules & Guide

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FGC Rules

1. Stay Cool! Rules are set for fairness not disputes. Judges will handle everything fairly and respectfully.

2. Only official Takara Tomy and Hasbro Beyblade Burst parts are allowed for competition.

3. No manipulation or alteration of Beyblade parts or accessories from the manufacturers intended use. 

4. No arguing with the judges or anyone. No swaying or influencing the judges decision. Be respectful, have fun.

5. Do not obstruct your opponents launch in any way. 

6. No broken parts are allowed. This also includes super awakened layers with sharp edges. 

7. Only B-183 standard stadiums will be used to conduct ranked tournaments (B-09/33 stadiums will be allowed as substitutes if the host does not own a B-183 stadium. This will change with the start the 2022 season). Unranked can use any stadium they choose 😊


*NOTE: Nothing outside of the manufactures natural use of the Bey or accessory, that either enhances or changes performance is allowed, ie changing to a longer string within your launcher, forcefully awakening a driver or part (if your part is awakened naturally from play that is ok), gluing parts together, etc. Awakening parts is natural but if your part is so awakened that it is experiencing insomnia it is not allowed. This can be caused from overuse. With drivers, your driver may be illegal if the initial contact point of your driver is completely missing and the secondary contact point is all that reaches the stadium floor. You won't be able to use that. Painting a grip or launcher is ok, painting your Beyblade or any part on it is not ok. The judge will make the overall decision on what is ok and what is not.* 


Tournament Play Formats


 How To Play

Two players equip their Beyblades onto their launchers. They will place the launchers above the Bey Stadium opening. The judge will ask both participants if they are ready. Once they both say yes, the judge starts the following countdown "3, 2, 1 Go Shoot". Both players will launch simultaneously after hearing the word "Shoot". While battling, no one is allowed to touch the Beystadium or Beyblades until the battle is complete. Each battle starts once both players are confirmed ready, and ends once a point/points are awarded or draw is confirmed.

Players are allowed to review their opponents combos before each match. Judges will ensure all parts are authentic and legal. 


How To Win

(*NOTE: Single Blader Format does not incorporate points into wins)

Stamina Finish: Your Beyblade spins longer than your opponents, gain 1 point. (Always wait for the judge to tell you to get your beyblade before reaching into the stadium).


Draws: Draws can and do occur often.

Within Single Blader Format, once 4 draws are established consecutively with the same 2 Beyblades then a tie breaker combo battle will commence. Both bladers will assemble a combo in secret, with no repeating parts from their other format combos. The winner returns to their combo stuck in the draw. The loser must move onto their next combo in the format.

Within Team Blader Format, once 3 draws are established consecutively within the same match then the match will be declared a draw. Both bladers will return to their teams and determine who will battle next in accordance with Team Blader Format.


Ring Out: You knock your opponents Beyblade completely out of the Bey Stadium to where it can no longer battle, gain 1 point.

If a Beyblade launch does not fall within the stadium or falls out of the stadium without contacting the opposing Beyblade then a relaunch will be established, only once per match. If this happens twice with the same player within the same match then a point will be awarded to their opponent. (Note: In Single Blader Format Finals, any ring out will constitute as a loss whether contact is made with the opposing Bey or not, even if it is the first time).

If you or your opponents Beyblade falls out of the stadium and returns back in, whether it made contact with the opposing Bey or not, the match will continue. 


Burst Finish: You burst your opponents Beyblade to were it disassembles via Chip, Layer, Driver, etc., gain 2 points.

Removing +Z, +X, V Gear or any detachable accessory will not constitute as a burst or point.

Sometimes a beyblade can burst without being obvious. If a beyblade completely stops spinning and it falls apart when you pick it up, it is considered burst.

Beyblades that burst or disassemble in the pocket of the Bey Stadium will not be considered a burst, as it is hard to tell whether the opposing bey or the fall from the stadium truly conducted the Burst.


Relaunch: A relaunch can be requested immediately after your Beyblade hits the Beystadium floor. This can be requested if you had a improper launch as in the Beyblade falling off earlier than expected or anything out of your control. Waiting more than 2 seconds of the Beyblade hitting the stadium floor will constitute as you being unable  to request a relaunch.

If a judge notices a malfunction or mishap with your launch they can have you relaunch as well.