Season & Location


Start: July 1st
Ends: March Playthrough Gaming Convention
Location: Playthrough Gaming Convention
                500 South Salisbury St. Raleigh, NC 27601


Challenger & Purpose


Challenger is a competitive Beyblade tournament hosted by Four-Gaming. The tournament is set to take place at PlayThrough Gaming Convention.

Challenger’s purpose is to reveal the strongest Blader for the season. Challenger is a test of skill for local Blader’s to interact and contest with national/international Blader’s. Make new friends, develop new skills, or prove your skills are a universal force to be reckoned with!


Affiliated Challenger Events


Affiliated Challenger events are tournaments that can lead to free weekend passes to Playthrough Gaming Convention or receive awards/prizes associated within the Challenger series.

The Challenger series is open to all WBO organizers and general Beyblade Tournament host. To become a host for an Affiliated Challenger event the organizer or host needs to reach out to Four-Gaming via discord, WBO DM via StayCool, Four-Gaming Instagram, E-Mail or any method in communication with Four-Gaming to confirm their tournament.

Organizers and host are allowed up to 2 Affiliated Challenger events per season.

Affiliated Challenger events must be completed by February 1st of the current season.

Tournament organizer/host do not need to have the “Affiliated Challenger” title for their tournament. However, the information to Challenger shall be visible or informed to tournament participants. Having the “Affiliated Challenger” title may help with any confusion from tournament participants for their involvement. Examples, “Affiliated Challenger New York”, “Affiliated Challenger: Elite Bladers” is helpful but not necessary. We intend to give organizers/host as much freedom as possible. We are interested in competition and not controlling your organizing freedom.


Support For Hosting Affiliated Challenger Event


Support will consist of prizing for 1st place. Challenger is looking to reveal the strongest Blader in the current season not flatter performance or buy the support of the community. Prizing will consist of a unique or new Beyblade/Beyblade item (i.e. launcher, 3G box, stadium, part) from plastics, metal fight, burst or Beyblade X. Official Takara Tomy, Hasbro, New Boy or Sono Kong items.




  • Going undefeated/God-like in an Affiliated Challenger event gets free weekend admission to Playthrough Gaming Convention. 
  • Winning Challenger main event awards sponsorship from Four-Gaming. The sponsorship last for 1 year from date of victory. The sponsorship consist of receiving new Beyblade releases, including boosters, starters, stadium and random booster sets. Excludes exclusive CoroCoro/WBBA releases. 
  • Going undefeated/God-like in Challengers main event will attain S+ Tier Rating. S+ Tier rating can not be lost
  • Trophies or Plaques and Medals will be awarded to 1st-3rd Medals will be awarded to 4th-8th place.
  • Gift cards and unique Beyblade prizing will be awarded to 1st-4th


*Tier Ratings are for the sole purpose of showing other Blader’s your elite skill level. If you gain A or S tier rating and have a negative win loss ratio in future Challenger or Affiliated Challenger events, you will drop 1 tier level.*


Format & System


*Challenger’s main event will be a WBO Ranked event. *

The format for Challenger's main event will be the most up to date or closest format of WBO to WBBA, or 3G/5G.

Formats for Affiliated Challenger events are purely up to the organizer’s discretion. However, the organizer should take note on the Challenger main event format to prepare their community for the specific skillset. But that is not required as various communities have various needs.

The official format for Challenger's will be announced no later than September 1st  of the current season.

The Beyblade system/generation played in Challenger’s main event will always be the most current and up to date system from Takara Tomy. However, if Takara Tomy releases a new system or generation mid-season of Challenger then the following will apply:

System releases before October 1st: The system/generation will be utilized for Challenger as several releases will be made before March.

System releases after October 1st : The system/generation will not be utilized for Challenger as accessibility may not be available to all participants for Challenger.

Special Note: *System release changes to Challenger will constitute on a case-by-case basis. If TT releases several products between October 1st and January 1st then the new system may be utilized. It is up to any truly skilled Blader to keep their skills current and up to date with any system or generational release. *


Systems: Plastics, Metal Fight, Burst, Beyblade X

Generations: Plastic, HMS, Zero-G, 4-D, Single Layer, God Layer, Cho-Z, Sparking etc.

Generations are not constituted as a significant change to the meta. New generations within a system will not alter the format or play of Challenger.


Blader Attending Challenger's Main Event


Bladers do not need to attend an Affiliated Challenger event to play in the main Challenger event.

Bladers must purchase tickets to Playthrough Gaming Convention to enter the Challenger's main event. Blader’s who won free admission (S tier) must confirm they are attending by February 1st  of the current season. The event will be capped from 24-64 participants to ensure the event is Swiss format. Blader’s entering the Challenger main event must have a registered WBO account/username.

If all 64 participants have secured S or A tier in the current season and confirm their attendance, then they will have priority to enter the Challenger event and no extra entries will be validated.

All S and A tier Blader’s must confirm Challenger attendance by February 1st of the current season or their spots in the event will not be held.


About Playthrough Gaming Convention


Playthrough Gaming Convention is North Carolina’s largest gaming convention with PC, Console, Tabletop, TCG’s and more. We have attended this convention for several years and are happy and proud to introduce them to the world of Beyblade. Here is a Link for more details.

Playthrough Gaming Convention last all weekend/2 days. We plan to host the Challenger main event on Saturday and follow up with free play or various other formats on Sunday.


Special Note


*This event is welcomed to all. However, bring your A game! Bring your Blader’s spirit! Hearts will be broken, and tears will be shed! Pride will be TAKEN!!! Once you reach S+ Tier you are no longer a challenger, you are all that others hope to be! *