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Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-160 Booster King Helios.Zn 1B

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SKU: TT-B-160

Helios SuperKing Chip. King Layer. 1-Balance Chassis. Zone Driver.



Customer Reviews

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Oskar M
Real website and real beyblade

Real beyblade. I’ve bought many beyblades off of this website and was very happy each time One larrived. My king Helios is very strong compared to most of my other beyblades and I am happy with my purchase! Thank you fourgaming!

Thank you and you're very welcome! We will continue to provide you with high quality Beys anytime. Looking forward to the new Burn Hyperion!

Great Beyblade!

Got my King Helios along with Super Hyperion and a random layer. Love them all and the service and prices were amazing. Four Gaming can't be beat for TT Beyblades!

Thank you! Glad you're enjoying everything! Hope you got a great layer also.

King Helios Zone 1B Review

Great Left Spin Beyblade And Comes With Good Parts

Gavin Perna
It's Awsome!!!

It delivered fast.
I've had absolutely no problems with it.
It hits like a tank.
Went toe to toe with my top combos and won.
It actually cracked one of the bumpers on my hasbro Hercules H4 (I have had Hercules H4 for a while though so it was
probably going to happen sooner or later.)
I love it!!!

Thank you! We are glad you like King Helios, it's a great Beyblade. Sorry to hear about Hercules, we really like that Bey too.

King Helios Review

Super fast genuine product!

Thank you! We're glad you like it.