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Takara Tomy Beyblade BURST Dynamite Battle B-187 Starter Savior Valkyrie.Sh-7

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SKU: TT-B-187

Valkyrie Core. Savior Blade. Armor-7. Shot Driver.

Also includes exclusive DB LR Launcher and V Gear for Venture Driver on Dynamite Belial.

Savior Valkyrie looks REALLY COOL! All new releases from main characters have some traits of their predecessor Beys but this Valkyrie reminds you of so many all at once! To me it really resembles winning Valkyrie but much more powerful. Definitely looks like it will have some major attack skill.



Customer Reviews

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Please come in stock

Hello, i really wanna buy savior valkrie because its such a cool bey with so many gimmicks and a cool launcher, i just really want it to be in stock soon, i recieve a giftcard from someone as a prize and i wanted this beyblade but sadly it is out of stock, i hope you understand, thanks. Anyways keep up the great work this is a really nice shop

Oskar Michniewicz
Cool bey!

Savior Valkyrie is a cool bey, but it is not very good for tournaments or if your trying to win. But if you want to have hours of fun then this is the bey for you! Just be aware the shot driver is gimmicky. The launcher has a longer string and the power gear, making the launcher actually fairly good! Thank you four gaming! You’ve done it again!

Epic driver!

My grandmother order'ed this beyblade and its SUPER GREAT, its stamina for an attack type bey is very surprisingly good and its jump ability is SUPER AWESOME in battle it did "Jump Upper' And flung out longinus outta the ring Over all great beyblade and once'ed it awaked its the BEAST, Overall greater beyblade really recommend it

jeremy asencio
saber valkyrie

saber valkyrie is relly cool it has this this jumping gimmick that jumps i like the stamina not that great but is fun to use and the v gear is cool is for belail and is helpfull but buy it is coll i recommend it

An awesome purchase

Savior Valkyrie is something I have yet to test the full potential of. I know the shot driver is interesting, but not necessarily very competitive, and the 7 weight isn’t very useful I assume. Valkyrie is a top tier right spin chip with it’s bound gimmick being useful in help prevent bursts and even helping same spin possibly. It also weighs more than Belial. Savior I have heard is a great attack base with a bursting issue. So far I have only been able to have one of the three rubber pieces come off, so I cannot really speak for it’s awakened performance yet. Overall though, a great purchase.