Understand how Stores Get Confirmed and Rare Beyblade Parts

Understand how Stores Get Confirmed and Rare Beyblade Parts
Some members of the Beyblade world may know that in order for any confirmed Bey to be sold the distributor will have to open the box and review the sticker package for Random Booster confirmation or the color for rare Beyblades or rare Beyblade parts. We do review the sticker package to guarantee the confirmed Beys that we sell on our site, but we do not open regular boosters or starter sets to check for rare parts. To us it's a bit unfair to you all if we cheat you out of getting a rare Bey just so we can make a larger profit. As a collector myself that is not what FG is about. We enjoy doing an unboxing on a new release and getting rare parts, although I have only gotten one haha, and we want you all within the community to enjoy that experience as well.
But there are distributors and websites that will "pick through" Beyblades for the rare parts/recolors. We are not bashing them at all because honestly many members of the Beyblade community prefer to have a confirmed rare part, so it may be nice for those sites that offer that. We honestly started selling confirmed random boosters because it is what the community wanted. We will always do our best to meet community needs. 

Tips For Spotting Pick Through Distributors/Sites
As stated above, some of you may know this information but I am sharing it with parents and overall members who may not.
1. Check the store inventory. If they sell rare parts or prize beys then more than likely their Beyblade's have been picked through. There is no confirmed way to find rare recolors, rare parts, or prize Beys without picking through the Beyblade boxes. (Note: Some stores/sites, are able to buy random booster full sets at wholesale price. Their main distributor provides the full sets, so they don't have to do the picking).
2. Double Tape. If you see double tape on your booster box then it has been opened before. Double tape is a secondary layer of tape on top of the original layer sealing the box. If you have purchased a confirmed random booster from us you can see what I mean. (Note: Double Tape does not always mean the store or website you purchased from picked through your item directly. Many times it happens before it even gets to third party distributors.)
3. Check eBay. This may not be known as much and can be hard to do, but some sites may sell on their stores website as well as eBay. We sell on eBay to help promote the store (nothing rare, only the newest Beyblade release that we offer on our site), but we don't recommend buying from us on eBay because the pricing is higher because of eBay fees. On eBay the rare parts may be sold for a large amount. If you review a site and find they sell rare parts on eBay then there Bey's may have been picked through.
Keep in mind that these indicators are not full proof and it doesn't necessarily mean a business is "shady". As mentioned, many competitive players or hard core collectors prefer to have that confirmed rare part. So those sites/stores that can provide that are extremely helpful for them. This topic is mainly for members expecting to get a rare part from a normal purchase or unboxing and continuously being disappointed. (Keep in mind that some rare parts are 1 in 6 and others can be 1 in 72 dependent on the release. So not finding the Bey can also be due to some serious rareness).
Also, don't think that just because a store or website picks through their Beys that you still won't get a rare part/Bey. It is a lot of work to pick through hundreds or thousands of Beyblade boxes. So many times a distributor will pick through enough to sell a decent amount of confirmed items and not touch the rest. This honestly happens more often than not. 
Hope you enjoyed the read and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Take care 😊

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