Takara Tomy vs Hasbro!

            For anyone new to the world of Beyblades or new to the world of Beyblade tournaments, the infamous question will arise, “Which is better, Takara Tomy or Hasbro?” (The only two authentic brands of Beyblades). The short answer is Takara Tomy (TT) hands down. There are various thoughts and opinions as to why Takara Tomy Beyblades outperform Hasbro’s, but I will give you a simple insight as to why.

            First let me start off by saying Hasbro Beyblades aren’t “bad”. They perform well and have several gimmicks associated with their layers and performance tips that perform well with the various Beyblade Stadiums  Hasbro makes. Specifically, SlingShock and the new Burst Rise system, have Stadiums that are designed to help incorporate the gimmicks of the Hasbro Beyblades.

            However, when it comes to shear quality and performance, I have to say Takara Tomy wins. It is mainly due to the “quality”. Hasbro beys are made of softer plastic. Very few Hasbro Beyblades incorporate metal. This makes the Hasbro Beyblades a lot lighter, easier to burst and maintain less spin time than their Takara Tomy counterparts. Along with metal, Takara Tomy also has rubber engineered into several of their Beyblades which helps tremendously in battles.

            Another major factor is the release dates. Takara Tomy leads with new Beyblades as well as new Beyblade Systems. For instance, Hasbro’s Burst Rise system is the counterpart for Takara Tomy’s GT system. Takara Tomy GT system came out in March, 2019 while Hasbro’s Burst Rise system is just now being released in early January, 2020.

            So, if you are interested in tournaments and overall performance then Takara Tomy is the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, Beyblading is all about having fun. So always choose whatever makes you happy overall.

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