Getting Into Competitive Beyblading

Getting Into Competitive Beyblading

Hello Four-Gaming Community!!! We host quite a few Beyblade tournaments because, lets face it, these toys are AMAZING and the thrill of competition adds all the more excitement. At almost every event we host I get asked similar questions, "How to tell if my beyblade is real or fake (Pt. 3)?", "How can I host my own tournament (Pt. 2)?", "How do I build a combo for competition (Pt. 3)?" and a few others. Well I put together a couple of videos to introduce you all into the world of competitive beyblading if you are not in it already or you're new to it. This is not a tell all guide but just a brief intro to help you on your way. So whether you are a parent looking to understand what competitive Beyblading is or a player looking to host an event or build a unique combo, I think you will find some nice information in the videos below. Thank you all, happy blading and take care 😎.

Part 1: Hello & Thank You & Tournament Prize Promotion

Part 2: Tips on hosting your own event and becoming an organizer

Part 3: Creating competitive Beyblade combos & how to use them


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