Four-Gaming Introduction


Hello and welcome, my name is James. I am a husband and a dad to four lovely children. I created Four-Gaming once my children became heavily involved in beyblades. I admit that I also fell in love with beyblades, Takara Tomy specifically, and enjoyed competing with my children. 

I have always been involved with the "gaming lifestyle". I grew up watching anime, playing Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh like many other kids did when I was younger. Now I enjoy sharing those interest with my children. I no longer play trading card games, but I enjoy sharing my old cards and experiences with my kids. It always brings a smile to my face when one of my children come to me trying to explain a new character or toy, and I think to myself "You have no idea how much of anime/trading card game guru you dad is, or use to be" haha. I am very family oriented and being a husband and dad comes before anything else in my life. 

I look forward to providing for you all, from parents searching for the specific Takara Tomy beyblade your children want, to the adult collector or competitive enthusiast trying to find the newest Spriggan on the market. I can relate in every aspect and I will always do my best to treat you all as I would like to be treated in all area's of business and customer service.

Thank you!


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