FG2 Beyblade Tournament

FG2 Beyblade Tournament



HELLOOOO Four-Gaming Community! We are back again with the review on our FG2 Beyblade Tournament.

It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet some local bladers. Share skills and helpful advice for the path to becoming a Legendary Blader!

This time around I was able to record the various combos that each member used. I was also able to compete in this tournament and I had a tremendous amount of fun battling against great NC Bladers.

A very special THANK YOU for everyone that showed up and showed out for a very entertaining event. 

Congratulations to:

1st Place: Camick

2nd Place: Spriggan 

3rd Place: Meruem 

4th Place: Blader Connor

and every other participating member.

Check out the YouTube video to see the top 3 Bladers Winning combos. 

The overall winning combo was Hallow Hyperion 2S Xtend+ used by Camick. It was a fierce battle between Camick and Spriggan for the finals. It came down to 4 points on each side with a final battle victory. Spriggan used his Tempest Dragon Combo vs Camick's Master Diabolos. Camick won overall with a ring out finish to break the tie 5 to 4. 

2nd place went to Spriggan once he defeated Meruem with a score of 5 to 2, I think. It could have been 5 to 1. Meruem only used Lord Spriggan for his finals deck. Lord Spriggan lost to Tempest Dragon with continuous stamina finishes. 

Blader Connor had amazing combos consisting of Volcano Spriggan Ou Xtend+, which he used throughout his initial phase also, Union Achilles Convert Atomic Retsu, and Winning Valkyrie 00Bump Xtend+ for his finals deck. We really hope he is able to come out for future tournaments and dominate with his unique skills.

Blader Bailey used a stock Super Hyperion which did amazing with her aggressive attack playstyle of ring out finishes. She had a few losses due to some stamina finishes from her opponents. She works extremely hard though and I imagine that soon she will burst or knock out any opponent that dares to enter the stadium against her.

Blader Abigail stepped on the scene with a stock Master Diabolos combo. The Gen driver gave her some incredible battles and nice victories. Her stamina playstyle won quite a few times. I'm very confident she will master Master Diabolos :) and control her future battles with ease.

Blader Uriah used a stock Judgement Joker combo and honestly I don't think anyone has more fun at these tournaments than Blader Uriah. He has a super positive attitude that spreads to every competitor at the tournament. Win or lose he is ready to step back up and battle again, truly having fun. If anyone has the character and perseverance of Valt Aoi, it's Blader Uriah!

Overall the tournament was a lot of fun and a lot of knowledge was shared, thank you Camick for helping a lot of the young upcoming bladers.

With FG tournaments the main rule is Rule #1! Fun is extremely important as well as developing as a blader you are happy with for yourself. Hope to see you all as well as new competitors on the next go around. Take care.

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