FG1 Beyblade Tournament 10/24/2020

FG1 Beyblade Tournament 10/24/2020

HELLOOOOOOO Four-Gaming Community! We are very happy to announce that our first tournament was a lot of fun, with amazing competition! Local Bladers came and battled for the top spots.



1st Place: Blader Gregory

2nd Place: Blader Judah

3rd Place: Blader Bailey

4th Place: Blader Uriah


Sadly I did not write down all the amazing combos we had today. But I do remember some of the top Layers in competition today!

1. Perfect Phoenix 

2. Switch Strike Fafnir

3. Judgement Joker 

4. Sling Shock Turbo Spryzen


Blader Gregory won first place prize today with Layers 1 & 2. Perfect Phoenix is a beast in all aspects! Blader Bailey's Judgement Joker has to take first place in terms of attack today in my honest opinion. Blader Judah used Sling Shock Spryzen which had amazing stamina with Zeta-S. 


Ms. Hannah used Rage Longinus (all stock) and Mr. Quency used World Helios 2B Xtend+. We didn't have Ms. Hannah or Mr. Quency battle for prizes, but they did make it to the top 3 spots in the tournament! World Helios turned out to perform extremely well, even I (the Dad) have not found a combo to beat it...yet :). I did not compete this tournament but I hope to next go around. 


There were countless amazing battles today. Great talent and skill. A very special THANK YOU once again to everyone who showed up. We really, really appreciate it! Until next time, Take care!


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