Dad's Favorite Beys

Dad's Favorite Beys

So I've wanted to put this list together for quite some time now. It is Dad's top 10 burst series BeyBlades. This is in no way a professional list of top tier Beys. But I do think that these BeyBlades are pretty efficient. Overall, these are the Beys ranked in order of what I "the Dad" enjoy the most. Should be fun, lets do this!!! (I will only rank burst type BeyBlades also).

10. Poison Hydra B-147-01: Now this bey/layer is in no way competitive in my honest opinion. It mainly holds value to me because of the lovely cotton candy color. Our baby boy loves  this bey and his passion for it grew on me also. It is a very beautiful bey to add to your collection. It tends to burst easily in battle though. 

09. Nightmare Longinus B-97: This Bey is highly outclassed nowadays BUT it was quite amazing back in it's prime. It is still a wonderful Bey to have and still battle worthy. It is an attack style which isn't my favorite style but it's left spin and I love that. It was also a highly sought after Bey that I really wanted for my own due to the many online reviews of its high capability of bursting beys long ago.

08. Judgement Joker B-142: I mean look at that rubber! Rubber means "get back, get back, you don't know me like that" haha! It has a high resistance that can reflect attack. It is a decent competitive bey and with the right combination can take you far in my honest opinion. I mainly like it for the rubber on it. It looks cool also.

07. Archer Hercules B-115: To be honest my first encounter with Hercules was the Hasbro version and it was incredible. I've said this in a YouTube video but Hercules drew me into BeyBlades because my eldest son had him and I could not beat him to save my life. My goal was to find a bey that could destroy Hercules. Ultimately I fell in love with the game and science behind it from this incredible bey. It is outclassed nowadays BUT with the right combo it can still do amazing things!

06. Knockout Odin B-152: This layer is just really cool. It looks cool, it attacks cool, its feels cool, it talks cool...wait. Anyway it is great. The shape of it really drew me in. I wanted to see how this oblong shaped Bey performed in the stadium. It did not disappoint. I use Knockout with Quick' or Hunter. It flies in the stadium and attacks like crazy. It's odd shape hits other Beys at strange angles they aren't really designed to resist. This layer makes the game fun for me because it really shows the science of BeyBlade battles in my opinion. It is not "all powerful" by any means but it does do very well. 

05. King Helios B-160: Now this BeyBlade could easily be in my top 3! I love the color and "LEFT SPIN TO WIN" is my slogan, (I apologize if someone owns it already). My baby boy literally won an in home tournament just using King Helios, of course he didn't battle me though *smirks* haha. Serious though King Helios is incredibly strong and really cool. It is another bey that our baby boy made us fall in love with honestly.

04. Dead Hades B-140-06: So King Helios is no joke but Dead Hades is truly something amazing. We do not really look online for top tier beys or combos. We just kind of play around with our own creations in our household. Thus our eldest got Hades and taught us through battles that Dead Hades is one of the strongest Beys we have ever encountered. I am not exaggerating by any means. Dead Hades definitely brings the pain. If you have the right combo and a great launch, Dead Hades can honestly be unbeatable and I mean that. 

03. Lord Spriggan B-149: I may seem like I am going against my above comment on how we do not look up the top tier beys but let's be honest. If you look at any YouTube video that references decent battles then you know Lord Spriggan is the go to Bey! Personally I am not a big fan of Lord Spriggan because I am a "support the underdog" type of person, not the 2 year reigning champ. Lord Spriggan is great don't get me wrong, I mean it did make my top 3, but that is solely for the respect I have for this BeyBlade. The oblong shape like Knockout Odin and even better rubber than the Judgement layer along with possibly the most compact fit, once you assemble this Bey, is truly amazing. You probably won't ever see me use this Bey at a tournament because I respect it's amazing power and I'm trying to come up with the science to beat it!


02. Master Diabolos B-155: I do not even know where to begin. When we did our review on this Bey I instantly became attached! The Generate Driver is something amazing! Hands down my favorite in the game. The combination with Master Diabolos, layer and chip, makes it even better. The fact that this Bey can spin right and also left (with a whole new look) is extremely cool. I love the red and gold colors also. I could honestly write a short novel on everything I like about this Bey with the dual spin, dual roles (Attack/Stamina) a true balance Bey. The science with this Bey is incredible! 

01. DREAD BAHAMUT B-149: THIS IS MY BEY! So when my son was beating me all the time with Hercules I sought out a Bey to beat it. I sought out a Bey that I could call my own, just like the anime haha. And the Bey I stumbled upon was Dread Bahamut. Bahamut dwells in the Sea (and I'm a sailor if I do say so myself) and supports the world on it's back as legend has it. It's a powerful creature. The Gen weight helps it become nearly unburstable and I use Octa as the driver so it "just keeps spinning, just keeps spinning spinning spinning" in my Dori voice. This Bey is not the most powerful Bey around but I guarantee I can give any Bey out there a decent battle in the least, with my guy Bahamut at my side, (and maybe his buddy Diabolos to help too haha).


All in all this is my personal list and preference. I enjoy these Beys from personal experience with my family and that holds value to me. We do not focus on the "meta" too much as we believe you should focus on having fun and creating your own combo to beat the "meta" in your own way. For instance heavier disc are said to spin longer and have stronger attacks. However, you need to pair it with the right layer. Too strong of an attack can end up self bursting your own bey if the teeth aren't strong enough. But using a slightly lighter disc can be perfect for you to stay stable and knock out or burst your opponent. Hope you enjoyed this list. Just wanted to chat with you all for a bit. Hope you enjoy your day. Take care.


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