Bladers Spirit

Bladers Spirit

I'm not sure how to kick this off. I guess I will just let my thoughts flow onto the page and see how things turn out. So, Blader's Spirit, it's a fun concept that we all see in the anime. It's enjoying the beyblade game, win or lose and having a tight connection with your Bey. Some may believe in it while others may just think it's something for the show. Personally I don't give too much regard to "Blader's Spirit" but I thoroughly do believe in "Living what you Enjoy".

This topic has been heavy on my mind since our last hosted event, "Showdown in VA". It was a great tournament with many skilled players and honestly it was an event that I personally had the most fun competing in thus far.  It wasn't because the high level of competition or because I got to see some really unique combos or anything like that. It was because I kind of revitalized myself on why we created Four-Gaming, and I was seeing some of those goals and dreams unfold before me. 

I'm a dad, 100%, that is my main job and most loved duty and focus, hands down. But before that, I was a nerd who loved anime and TCG's and video games and comic cons, LoL, gaming conventions, haha the works. At our last event I got a chance to personally meet a few FG members and Beyblade community members as a whole. Some were dads like me, some were veterans at the game and others were at their very first event. 

It was EPIC!!! Highly competitive and everyone took away a great deal of knowledge. Usually these events become highly competitive, especially this one with the level of skill but for some reason I felt complete joy to the fact that I didn't feel I was in a competition. I felt as if I was hanging out with friends from when I was a young kid and playing games like we did in the good old days. It was a beautiful escape from reality for both the young and the old. I made a lot of new friends and have had experiences in all our events that will stick with me forever.

All in all I say this to say that I created FG to help expand the Bey community but I also created it for a genuine escape from reality. A community or event we can all go to, young or old, and play our hearts out and really love what we do. I employ you all to share the Beyblade and "nerd" lifestyle as we can all continue to grow the Beyblade community as a whole and share in this experience of "Living what you Enjoy" :).


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